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Uploadmx News

Storage Increased
November 12th, 2022

We have increased the storage to 500GB on free accounts.

Downloading speed changed from 1MBps to Unlimited (up to 150 mbps)


Download Warning Fixed
November 06th, 2022

We have fixed the red warning page, all the downloads working perfectly now.


Free Premium Account
August 14th, 2021

We are offering free Premium Membership to YouTubers.

Please contact us for free premium membership up to 12 months.

Send us your YouTube channel link and Uploadmx UserName so we can upgrade your account.


Policy Updated Please check
August 09th, 2021

We updated our terms of service page, Please check the updated policy to avoid suspension.

Sending traffic from Spammy sites ( URL shorteners, forums, no content blogs ) or incentive traffic is not allowed.

Do not ask people to click on a UploadMX file simply to generate revenue.

Do not spam UploadMX URLs. This includes (but not limited to) forums / chat / comments / blogs. If you are uncertain your activity may be labeled as such, please get our consent first.

Do not spoof referrers, send blank referrers, or falsify referrers. All traffic sources must be verifiable through referrers.

We take abuse and illegal activity very seriously. We have the right to deny payment if legitimate abuse complaints / DMCA take-down requests / illegal content are associated with your account.


Adult Content Strictly Not Allowed
February 04th, 2021

Please do not send traffic from adult sites, pornographic sites. It is strictly not allowed.

Please do not upload adult content such as videos and images it is also not allowed.
Please take it seriously. It don't help you to make money at the end we will ban your account and IP